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Charlie Daniels - Little Folks

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LITTLE FOLKS   by  Charlie Daniels
Intro: D (picked)

D                       A
Little folks are people too,
Bm                     F#m
Very much like me and you
G                                  D            Bm
The little things they say and do
         Em                         A
That kinda make your day
D                          A
Foolishness and common sense
Bm                             F#m
Through the eyes of innocence
G                        D          Bm
Skip a rope, or jump a fence
Em         A         D
Getting' in the way

G                         F#m
Daddy, why are you so tall
G                         F#m
Daddy, why am I so small
G                                        D                 Bm
And, Daddy, who makes snowflakes fall
E                        A
Could it be the Lord?

D                          A
Chasin' puppies, climbin' trees,
Bm                            F#m
Bumpin' heads and skinnin' knees,
G                    D           Bm
It's not very hard to see
Em                            A
That kids are God's reward

D                        A
Little folks get down and out
Bm                                       F#m
The girls will cry, and the boys will pout
G                                  D    Bm
'Fore you know what it's about
             Em                 A
They're smilin' once again
D                          A
Colored kites on summer breeze
Bm                      F#m
Jingle bells and Christmas trees
G                                    D         Bm
Too soon they're only memories
Em             A           D
Do you remember when

G                                F#m
Daddy, what makes eagles fly
G                                         F#m
What makes clouds float in the sky

G                         D        Bm
And, Daddy, if I really try
       E                 A
Will I grow up someday?

D                        A
Little folks slip through our hands
Bm                  F#m
Like so many grains of sand
G                            D              Bm
We best enjoy it, while we can
Em                           A             D
So soon  .   They fly  ..   away

Transcribed by Gerry Watkins

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