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Steve Azar - Underdog, The

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The Underdog - Steve Azar
Album: Waitin' On Joe
Writers: Steve Azar/Rafe Van Hoy

*Note-dashes in between chords (ie A-D) just means go from one
to the other quickly, one strum each

Intro: A  D-A  E  A-D  A  D-A  E  (x2)

A                  D               A  D-A  E  A-D
I wake up just to work hard every day
A                 D            A            E
Nothin' free and nothin' easy ever comes my way
A                        D
Hands are calloused, my body is bruised
F#m                    D
I won't give up and I will not lose
D              A             D                      E
Just when you count me out, that's when I'll come through...I'm

   F#m     D
The underdog
    A                      E
The one whose back stays against the wall
   F#m     D
The underdog
     A                          E
I'll still be standin' when the favorite falls
       F#m               D
So they say I'm not that strong
       F#m               D
And the odds are way too long
          F#m            E     D             A  D-A  E  A-D  A  D-A  E
Well I was born to prove them wrong, I'm the underdog

   A                       D                  A  D-A  E  A-D
My baby's the best lookin' thing to hit this town
       A                 D                A                   E
She believes in me even though her folks don't want me comin 'round
A                 D
They got bigger plans for her than me
F#m                   D
I've got somethin' inside they can't see
D              A                     D              E
But someday I swear they will, cause I won't always be, ohh


       E                                 D
I know every verse and every word of 1st Samuel 17
E                                   D                       A
I love it when that big ol' boy's brought down to his knees
       F#m                                D                  A
And it sometimes seems that all my dreams are over nine feet tall
            D                 A
And I'm the little man with a rock in his hand
Just like David in overalls... I'm


                   A  D-A  E  A-D  A          D-A       E
Oh, I'm the underdog.................don't you count me out

A  D-A  E  A-D  A  D-A  E (x2)  D  A

A   =   x02220
D   =   xx0232
E   =   022100
F#m =   244222(bar chord)

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