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Blackhawk - Postmarked Birmingham

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Postmarked Birmingham (Blackhawk)

Capo 3rd. fret
Intro:  ( C7  F  G  C )??  
(I'm working on a chart that will better show how to pick out the intro., 
instrumental between verses, and the ending.  I'll send this separately)

C                                G                 C     
I recognize the writing,  on the plain white envelope.
Am                        F         C          G         F
I've wondered where she'd wind up,  before she called or wrote.
F                 C                    G                F
The answer's in a circle,  through the word 'Love' on a stamp,
Dm         G      C
Postmarked Birmingham

C                                       G           C     
I'd have bet on California,  'cause her sister's in Bel Aire.
   Am          F                  C       G      F
Or I could see Seattle,  with her mom and dad up there.
F                   C            G            F
She never mentioned Alabama,  so I don't understand.
Dm         G      C
Postmarked Birmingham

Am                G            F             C  G
A two-page letter written on,  Ramada stationary.  
Am    G     F
Dated April twenty-two.
Dm                                        F
She asked me not to hate her,  said she's sorry.  
    Dm                F               G   ?  ?
But leavin's what she felt she had to do.

       C                              G             C
So the day she left she made it,  two hundred miles south.
        Am                    F
Did she settle there, did she mail this note 
   C       G      F
on her way out of town.
     F                  C                   G           F
What chance is there to find her,  when the only clue I have is
Dm         G      C
Postmarked Birmingham

Repeat Chorus

      C                                  G             C
Every day down by the mailbox,  standin' on the curb I check.
    Am               F                 C       G       F
The upper right hand corner,  of every piece of mail I get.
F                           C
Hopin' there's that certain circle,  
            G                F
Through the word 'Love' on a stamp.
Dm         G      C     
Postmarked Birmingham,  
Dm         G      C7  F  G  C
Postmarked Birmingham.

Jack M. Kelsey

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