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Alan Jackson - Remember When

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#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

Alan Jackson - Remember When

Em7/A = x02033
Dsus4/B = x20033
Am7/G = 302010

Intro - G - Em7 - Cadd9 - D

(verse 1)
         G   Em7      Cadd9           D
Remeber when,   I was young, so were you,
       G        Em7      Cadd9           D
Time stood still,   and love was all we knew,
              G           Em7
You were the first, so was I,
        Cadd9              D
We made love and then you cried,
          G - Em7 - C - Dsus- D
Remember when, 

(verse 2)
          G   Em7       Cadd9              D
Remember when,   writin vows and walk the walk,
            G   Em7          Cadd9             D
Gave our hearts,    made the start and it was hard,
              G                   Em7
We lived and learned, life threw curves,
         Cadd9               D
There was joy and there was hurt,
          G - Em7 - C - Dsus - D
Remember when, 

(verse 3)
          G   Em7        Cadd9              D
Remember when,   old ones die and new were born,
            G    Em7     Cadd9           D
Life was changed,   dissassemble, rearranged,
              G         Em7
We came together, fell apart,
   Cadd9               D
We broke each others hearts,
          G - Cadd9 - G - Em7/A - Dsus4/B-
Remember when, 

(lead chords - C - Am7 - F - G - C - Am7 - F - G -
               C - C/B-Am7-Am7/G - F - G - C - Esus- E

(verse 4)
          A   F#m       D              E
Remember when,    the sound of little feet,
          A   F#m       D                 E
Was our music,    we danced from week to week,
                  A              F#m
Brought back the love, we found trust,
            D            E
Vowed we'd never give it up,
           A - F#m - D - E
Remember when, 

(verse 5)
          A   F#m    D              E
Remember when,    thirty seemed so old,
             A   F#m        D              E
Now looking back,    it's just a steppin stone,
             A               F#m
To where we are, where we've been,
          D            E
Said we'd do it all again,
           A - F#m - D - E
Remember when, 

(verse 6)
          A   F#m     D                   E
Remember when,    we said when we'd turn grey,
            A    F#m    D               E
When the children,    grow up and move away,
             A            F#m
We won't be sad, we'll be glad,
     D                  E
For all the life we've had,
                     A - F#m - D - E
And we'll remember when, 
           A - F#m - D - E
Remember when, 
Remember when,

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