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Willie Nelson - Maria

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Maria (Shut Up And Kiss Me)
By Willie Nelson

Intro  C  F  G  F  C  F  G  F

C                  G                  C
That's my favorite part, to rewind my life on
                  G                  C
When my world got dark you turned my light on
     F                                          C
I've watched it for hours again and again in my head
You say I was down on you more than I needed to be
I'd say I'm sorry but then you'd think I'm lyin'

   C  F           G                     F                    C
Maria shut up and kiss me stop shakin', stand up and hold me
  C   F                     G     
I bet you're gonna miss me, you need me, believe me
  C   F           G                     F               C
Maria shut up and kiss me, you're crazy and it turns me on and on
    F                   G       F    
The way you're carrying on

Repeat Intro

And that's my favorite shirt you always had on
Man, it sure looked good every time you walked off
You're takin' the wind from me every chance that you could, you're good
Something I can't explain, tell me lately I've changed,
You'll feel better, tell me why are you cryin'


F                                  C
Maria, maria can't we talk it over instead
F                                              G
Let's call it even and leave it alone, come to bed
F                                              C
Maria stop leavin' you're teasin is beating me down
We just calm down in these situations I've found best not to be proud

And say that you're sorry


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