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Dwight Yoakam - Johnson's Love

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Johnsons love          Dwight Yokum
Written by: Dwight Yokum
Album: Hillbilly Deluxe   1987

Sent by: William R Salle'
I would like to dedicate this submission of Dwights' song to my late father,
Badwater Bob. Keep on pickin' dad!


Verse 1
G                                            C   D
She had left him lost and broken
Like no other had before
                                             C      D
And now his heart was just a token
Of the pain it had endured
                                        C      D
And his memories were clouded
With all the hurtful things she'd said
                                    C       D
Yes fer all intent and purpose
He might just as well been dead

                            D                     C                     G
And some people claim they still hear him call her name
                    D                       C                      G
Hey hey Maureen swear they hear him just that plain
                    D           C                          G
Deep in the night and sometimes right at dawn
See his body died some years ago
            D                                      G
Around here Mr Johnsons love lives on

Verse 2
                                       C        D
He seemed far away and distant
With that cold and silent stare
                                C          D
Never moving, never speaking
And just barely breathing air
                                    C       D
No one really knew her reason
And who can judge her right or wrong
                                      C       D
The only true and solomn fact is
The man we'd known was all but gone


Verse 3
                                           C           D
Sissy Thompson said she'd seen him
Late that night on Shelby road
                                            C             D
About a mile from there they found him
It seems he died out in the snow
                                        C           D
I hear'd the preacher at the service
Say from love he's finally free
                                      C            D
But I say love it knows no season
It haunts the soul eternally

                    C                                        D
Yes his body died some years ago around here Mr. Johnsons love lives on...

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