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Johnny Cash - You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven

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You're the Nearest Thing to Heaven by Johnny Cash
written by J. Cash, H. Johnson, C. Atkins

I have sailed the peaceful waters of the ocean deep and blue,
  G7                                     C
I held my breath and watched the western sunset's golden hue.

I've flown above the mountain peaks and valleys wide and green.
             G7                                C       C7
But your the nearest thing to heaven that I've seen.

           F                                C
You're the nearest thing to heaven, yes you are.
       G7                                 C 
I have searched for happiness so long and far.
                           C7          F 
But my search for love was through the day that I found you,
                  C                G7              C  
'cause you're the nearest thing to heaven, yes you are.

I confess that I've been tempted by alluring magic charms,
       G7                                   C
When a smile was flashed my way and stood before two open arms.

But I turn and walk away because I love you like I do.
           G7                               C       C7
You're the nearest thing to heaven, darling you.  (Chorus)

I have watched the silver raindrops fall to earth to cool the day,
            G7                           C 
Watched the rainbow at twilight when the clouds had blown away.

I love the pretty flowers but it cannot vie their worth,
               G7                              C       C7
But you're the nearest thing to heaven on this earth.   (Chorus)

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