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Johnny Cash - Night Hank Williams Came To Town, The

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Recorded by Johnny Cash

[E] Harry Truman was our presi-[A] dent
A [B7] coke an burger cost you thirty [E] cents
I was still in love with Mavis [A] Brown
[E] On the night Hank [B7] Williams came to [E] town.

[E] "I Love Lucy" debuted on Tee [A] Vee
That was [B7] one big event we didn't [E] see
'Cause no one stayed at home for miles a-[A] round
It [E] was the night Hank [B7] Williams came to [E] town.

[A] Mama ironed my shirt and daddy [E] let me take the truck
I [F#] drove on out to Grapevine and [B7] picked old Mavis up
We [E] hit that county line for one quick [A] round
[E] On the night HANK [B7] WILLIAMS came to [E] town.
[E] A thousand people sweltered in the [A] gym
Then I [B7] heard someone whisper; "Hey, that's [E] him"
That's when the crowd let out this deafening [A] sound
It [E] was the night Hank [B7] Williams came to [E] town.

[G] On and on he sang into the [C] night
'Jamba-[D7] laya', 'Cheatin' heart', 'I saw the [G] light'
How'd they get Miss Audrey in that [C] gown
[G] On the night Hank [D7] Williams came to [C] town.

[C] Mavis had her picture made with [G] Hank outside his car
She [A] said; "He sure is humble for a [D7] Grand Ole Opry Star."
Ma-[G] vis said: "Why don't we hang a-[C] round
It ain't [G] often that Hank [D7] Williams comes to [G] town."

While [C] Hank signed his autograph on [G] (*Beaulah Rice's) fan
Ma-[A] vis got acquainted with the [D7] Driftin' Cowboys Band
The [G] effect on all our lives was quite pro-[C] ound ...[P]
On the night Hank Williams came to town.

Radio announcer's voice in the background:

Remember, friends and neighbors, Hank Williams and all the Drifting
Cowboys will be at the high school gym in person for one show only
this Saturday night. The big 2 hour show starts at 7:30 - tickets are
just a dollar-fifty each; you get your money's worth the first 15 minutes
and the rest is free. That's Saturday night - advance tickets are on sale
now at Renfrow's Drugstore, Do-Nut Heaven and here at the radio station.
Hank Williams - all the Drifting Cowboys, Don Helms, Jerry Rivers (fade)

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