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Johnny Cash - Oney

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Recorded by Johnny Cash
Words and music by Jerry Chestnut

I dedicate this song to the workin' man
For ever' man that puts in a hard
Eight or ten hours a day of work and toil and sweat
Always got somebody lookin' down his neck
Tryin' to get more out of 'im
Than he really ought to have to put in.

CAPO: 1st Fret/KEY: G#/PLAY: G
[G] After twenty nine long years of workin'
In this shop with Oney standin' o-[A7] ver me ...
To-[D7]day when that old whistle blows
I'll check in all my gear and I'll re-[G] tire ...
The superintendent just dropped by and said
They'd planned my little get to-[A7] gether ...
Then [D7] he said I'd never made it
If old Oney hadn't held me to the [G] fire.

I've seen him in my dreams at night
And woke up in the mornin' feelin' tired ...
And old Oney don't remember when I came here
How he tried to get me fired ...
With his folded hands behind him
Every mornin' Oney waited at the gate ...
Where he'd rant and rave like I committed murder
Clockin' in five minutes late.

[A] But today they'll gather 'round me
Like I've seen 'em do when any man [B7] retires ...
Then [E7] old Oney's gonna tell me
>From now on I'm free to do what I [A] desire ...
He'll present me with that little old gold watch
They give a man at times [B7] like this ...
But [E7] there's one thing he's not countin' on
Today's the day I give old Oney [A] his.

[C] I've been workin', buildin' muscles
Oney's just been standin' 'round a-get-[D7] tin' soft ...
And [G7] today about four-thirty
I'll make up for every good night's sleep [C] I've lost ...
When I'm gone I'll be remembered
As the workin' man who put his point [D7] across ...
With [G7] a right hand full of knuckles
'Cause today I show old Oney who's the [C] boss.

Hmmmm! What time is it? Four thirty! Hey, Oney! Oney! Ha ha ha ha!

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