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Johnny Cash - Understand Your Man

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Understand Your Man
By Johnny Cash

C                           Am
Don't call my name out your window, I'm leaving
F                    G
I won't even turn my head
C                            Am
Don't send your kin folks to give me no talkin'
D                   G
I'll be gone like I said
      C                                        C7
You'd say the same old things that you've been saying all along
Lay there in your bed and keep your mouth shut 'til I'm gone
C                               Am 
Don't give me that old familiar cryin' cussin' moan,
F    G          C                      Am  
Understand your man (I'm tired of your badmouthin')
F    G          C
Understand your man.

You can give my other suits to the Salvation Army
And everything else I leave behind.
I ain't takin' nothing that'll slow down my travelin'
While I'm untanglin' my mind.

I ain't gonna repeat what I said anymore
While I'm breathin' air that ain't been breathed before
I'll be as gone as a wild goose in winter
Then you'll understand your man (meditate on it)
Understand your man (you hear me talkin')
Understand your man (remember what I told ya)

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