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Reba McEntire - Close To Crazy

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Close to Crazy...Reba McEntire
Written by: Jerry Salley & Melba Montgomery
Transcribed by: Sandra.....
On Reba's "what if it's you" album, 1997.

C#m..446654..Capo on 1st fret

A B7 E

E	 E7		     A		     Am
I still reach for you, in the middle of my dreams each night
E		     E7		    A  Am
But my arms come up empty every time
E		  E7	      A			    Am
And lately I talk to your memory more than I should
E		    E7		   E
If I could just forget the past I would
	     Am		       A	    B7
'Cause this missing you ain't doing me no good
		  A  B7		E
I'm so close to crazy, right on the edge
	      A			B7		    E
Just one step away from going insane, but I'm not there yet
		 A	    Am		 C#m   B7   A
If I could just lose my mind, I wouldn't know we're through
	      A   	    B7		 E
But this close to crazy, is far from over you
E      E7 		A	       Am
Today I caught myself, reliving how it used to be
E		  E7		A   Am
At a table for two just you and me
E		   E7		   A		     Am
But talking to an empty chair and laughing right out loud
    E	      	    E7		     E
Turned everybody's head and left no doubt
        Am	   A		      B7
I'm a broken woman close to breaking down
**Repeat Chorus**
		 A	   B7		E
Oh this close to crazy, is far from over you
E	 E7
I still reach for you
	A	      Am		E
In the middle of my dreams each night

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