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Reba McEntire - Lighter Shade of Blue

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

Song: Lighter Shade of Blue
Artist: Reba McEntire
Album: It's Your Call

Capo I

  E/G#             E                   B
I guess it finally dawned on me you've gone
  E/G#           E              B
Well maybe I can make it on my own
  D              Dsus2               B
I don't stay up wonderin' if you'll call
  D                E                   F#
And some nights I don't dream of you at all
  E/G#              E               B
Your memory's still hurtin' deep inside
  E/G#                    E                B
That's something I'm still learning how to hide
  D                   Dsus2                 B
Though this heart of mine has lost an ache or two
  D                   F#              B
I've only turned a lighter shade of blue

   E/G#               E
Lookin' down the line sometimes
  B7              B
I think I see a change
  F#                                B
But then I think again and think of you
  E/G#                        E
Here and there I've turned a stone
        B                 E
But the mountain hasn't moved
  E                F#                B
I've only turned a lighter shade of blue

  E/G#               E               B
I'm still afraid of turning out the light
  E/G#             E                    B
And it takes all my strength to face the night
  D                Dsus2                B
Cause that's the time I face the bitter truth
  D               F#                 B
I've only turned a lighter shade of blue

(Repeat Chorus).

E/G#:XX6454  E: 0221000  B: X24442  B7: X24242  D: XX0232
Dsus2: XX0230 (or stretch to XX0130 for a neat sound)
F#: 244322

Notes:  I was looking at Reba's photos in the liner notes and all I have to say
is...  where did all that hair go?  Well, with either short or long hair, she
looks good.

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