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Reba McEntire - Face To Face

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Face To Face
Reba McEntire

Written by David Malloy & Gary Burr
Transcribed by
Note: Some chords may be off but just improvize.

(A E F#m D)<--2x's

       A          E        F#m          D           A
Oh you don't have blue eyes    I expected blue eyes
           E                    D
That's how I pictured you would be
        A          E        F#m                    D         A
And you don't have long hair   I thought you'd have long hair
              E           A
So this is all a shock to me
                 D                A
I didn't know if you would meet me or believe me
E                      A
When I said that I was fooled
       D               A
I really thought that I would hate you I know I meant to
        E       F#m       D                      A
There'd only be one of us left when we're through
        E           F#m            D
Now that we're face to face   and I put myself in your place
A               E                  D        A D
I see the truth I see who's really to blame
       A                      E
*And I won't play his game or try to get even
F#m                  D                   A
He'll know he's lost watching us leaving
         E                F#m      D              E   A        E F#m D A
I blamed you but I see my mistakes now that we're face to face
             E        F#m                 D      A
I believe in true love   something to be sure of
        E                 D
Isn't that what we deserve
A            E       F#m               D
There's no blame here   we both end up the same here
         A    E       A
A little wiser than we were
                 D                        A
There was a time this would have killed me and it may still be
E                           A
Hard to look you in the eyes
                     D                     A
And now that all the spells are broken the truth's been spoken
   E             F#m         D               A
My heart has the strength to tell him goodbye
Repeat Chorus.....INSTRUMENTAL.....Repeat from* 
                  (A E F#m D)2x's
E F#m 
D              E   A
Now that we're face to face
E F#m D E A

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