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Reba McEntire - For My Broken Heart

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Subject: For My Broken Heart by Reba McEntire
Album: For My Broken Heart
Written by: Liz Hengber\Keith Palmer

For My Broken Heart      Reba McEntire

    Bb                   Eb
1.)There were no angry words at all 
        Bb           Eb
As we carried boxes down the hall
Eb             F               Bb    F  Eb
One by one we put them in your car
Bb               Eb
Nothing much for us to say
Bb                         Eb
One last goodbye and you drove away
I watched your tail-lights as they faded in the dark
            Dm                     Gm
I couldn't face the night in that lonely bed
      Eb                F  
So I laid down on the couch instead

               Eb                F 
Last night I prayed the Lord my soul to keep
Dm              Bb              
Then I cried myself to sleep
    Eb                    F         Bb   F  Gm  F
So sure life wouldn't go on without you
        Eb            F 
But oh this sun is blinding me
       D                 Gm
As it wakes me from the dark
             Bb               F                 Gm  1.)F  Eb  F  
I guess the world didn't stop   For my broken heart 2.)Dm to ending
             Bb               F                 Gm  F Eb F Bb               
I guess the world didn't stop   For my broken heart

    Bb                     Eb
2.)Clocks still tickin', life goes on
Bb           Eb 
Radio still plays a song
Eb                    F                    Bb    F   Eb
As I try to put my scattered thoughts in place
Bb                     Eb
and it takes all the strength I've got 
Bb                  Eb
to stumble to the coffee pot
The first of many lonely mornings I have to face
     Dm             Gm
You call to see if I'm ok
Eb                        F
I look out the window and I just say

Go to chorus, then ending

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