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Chely Wright - Emma Jean's Guitar

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Emma Jean's Guitar.

Written by Matraca Berg, Gary Harrison and Jeff Hanna,

Recorded by Chely Wright on the cd 'Let Me In' on MCA Nashville.

Intro  C G G G C G D 

I found it in a pawnshop in a ragged cardboard case,
         Em                         D
With the guns and dusty watches, it looked so out of place,
       C                 G                 (F#bass)   

With a Trailways baggage sticker, yellow frayed and 
C           G             D             G   
Destination Nashville, September 'sixty-four.

Chorus one.
              Em          C                G   
And you could tell by the fingerboard, her painted 
nails were long,
    Em          C               D    
She only needed three chords to play those good old country songs,
And her name's etched in the finish like a faded 
battle  scar,
         C    G          D              G      
And this 1950 Gibson was Emma Jean's guitar.

Verse two

I wonder if she played it in a small town talent show,
With her hair teased to perfection in a dress her mama sewed,
And for a little inspiration she pasted on a star,
Here up on the headstock of Emma jean's Guitar.

Chorus two.

And you could tell by the fingerboard her painted nails were long,
She only needed three chords to play those good old country songs,
And they were played with tenderness they were played with heart,
And this 1950 Gibson was Emma Jean's Guitar.

Verse three

I wouldn't even know her if I saw her face to face,
But there's a little bit of Emma Jean in every song I play,
She passed along thses hopes and dreams cradled in my arms,
And I am just a guardian of Emma Jean's Guitar.

Repeat chorus one, first three lines, then in the last line......

..............Emma Jean's Guitar,
     C    G          D              G 
This 1950 Gibson was Emma Jean's Guitar.

(In the middle section, hum along to the sequence of
C D Em D G.   Try it yourself and make it fit.)

Thanks to Bob Harris for playing the music.

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