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Chely Wright - One Night In Las Vegas

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One Night In Las Vegas - Chely Wright with Brad Paisley
Album: Never Love You Enough
Writers: Chely Wright/Brad Paisley

Intro: G  C  Em  D  C

        G         D
Flight 709 pulled up to the gate
    Em      D   C
An hour and 45 minutes late
         G                          D
And of course our connection was already in the air
        Em            D         C
Spent a day of our vacation in Chicago O'Hare
          D                    Dsus     D
And like musical chairs at the baggage belt
             C                             G
We were the last ones standin' there when nothin' came out
D                        Dsus          D
Looking back now on our string of bad luck
           C                  D
That just wasn't our day but you know what

     G                 C
That one night in Las Vegas
D                G
Lyin' there with you
                D     C         D              G
Was well worth everything that you and I went through

G  C  Em  D  C

    G                D
And so it goes, our life's been that way
Em           D               C
Puttin' out fires, takin' it day by day
     G   			      D
And look at this year, it's been our hardest one yet
              Em             D            C
Just when we thought it had gotten bad as it could get
        D                     Dsus         D
You got transferred to Denver, I stayed behind
         C                              G
Put the house on the market 'bout went outta my mind
         D                        Dsus         D
And your dad got sick, I've never seen you so scared
     C                    D
We almost didn't make it through the year

         G               C
But that weekend in the mountains
     D                G
In a cabin all by ourselves
        D        C           D                 G
Makin' that one memory made up for everything else

     Em          A
Oooh me and my insecurities
D                      G
You and your stubborn pride
    C                                      D                   E
If we've learned anything it's there's no winner when we fight

         A              D
So this mornin' in our kitchen
       E                 A
After talkin' all night long
   A        E                 D                E                A
We finally stopped tryin' to figure out who's right and who is wrong
              A                   D
And when you hold me like you're holdin' me
      E                A
And I kiss your tired face
            E        D                      E               A
We know we took the long way here but wound up in a better place
     A                 D
Baby one night in Las Vegas
       A       F#m     D
Or one weekend in the mountains
     A     F#m      D           E                  A
Any moment we're together makes up for everything else

Outro: A  D  F#m  E  D    A

G   =   320003
C   =   x32010
Em  =   022000
D   =   xx0232
Dsus=   xx0233
A   =   x02220
E   =   022100
F#m =   244222(bar chord)

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