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Chely Wright - Picket Fences

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Picket Fences


G                G/B           C
Little boys and little girls dream of big big things
Am                              D
They're taught at a tender age just what life should bring
G             G7          C
Get a job, say I do and settle yourself down
Am                               D
But what about those of us whose lives are still spinning around

         C                     D
Tell me what's so great about picket fences
Painting them is such a mess
       C                  D
And a big backyard where kids can play
I'd probably never get a moment's rest
      C                   D
And settin the table for five at five
     Bm                    A7
Only means more dishes to load
Am7                    G
What's so great about picket fences
Am7          D          G
I guess I'll never know

Verse 2:
Here I am in my prime, at least they tell me so
And if I go to sleep at night I always go alone
I guess that I could have it all and someone by my side
But I can't take the give and take, the price is just too high


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