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Chely Wright - Never Love You Enough

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Never Love You Enough
by Chely Wright

** CAPO FRET 1 **

Intro: D  F#m  G  C

D                   F#m
With all of my life, I try and I try
G                   C                              D
Baby I could never show you all this love I have inside
With every day when we wake
G                      C
I look deep into your eyes
I realize

I could kiss you in the rain forever
Turn all of your pain to pleasure
Fill up all your days with sunlight
Make the passion last every night
Give you my every possession
Make you my only obsession
G                                 C
Climb up to the sky and pull down all the stars above
    C     A                         D    G  C
But I------ , could never love you enough

D                        F#m
If I could have one wish it would just be this
G                            C                                   D
That I could take you to my soul and show you all the love there is
This never ending sea deep inside of me
G                         C
Thereís no stopping it,  baby
Even if


Interlude (starts after word "enough" at end of chorus): D  F#m  G  A

No matter what I do
Itís never as much as I want to
G                         C
Baby it could never be enough


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