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Kenny Chesney - I Lost It

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This is My First.  Just Revised The Old Version Transcribed by Nick
Gibson.  Just had to make a few changes to it.  Good Job though Nick.  

Kenny Chesney
-I Lost It

Capo 1st

Intro: D G D G
I had a hundred dollar ring in my hand
So weak and tired i could barely stnad
     G             A                  D
>From bein up all night praying she'd say yes
So with a hopeful heart i hit one knee
With a tear in her eye she looked at me
           G           A               D          D A Bm
It was the moment of truth, i was scared to death
        A                 G
My life hung on what that tear meant
Em       D/F#         G
Then she smiled at me, and i lost it...

D                        G
No one can make me cry, make me laugh
D                A                  G
Make me smile or drive me mad, like she does
     D                 G
It's like a curse that is the cure
D                    A                 
Better or worse, one thing's for sure
It's real love
      D                   A       G
And i don't know what i'd do if i lost it

Well the honeymoon ended and life began
Jobs and bills, losing touch with friends
         G             A            D
And that apartment got smaller everyday
Then one night the walls finally closed in
I came home late, she said where have you been
    G                A                    D       A  Bm
You used to call and tell me you're on your way
                             A            G
She said if this is how its gonna be then i quit
Em         D/F#         G
She walked out the door, I lost it...

Chorus 1x:

Solo: D G D A D G D A

  C                             G
I picked myself up off the floor
                C               G
She walked back through the door
We made love like it was the first time

Chorus 1x:

(Strum G until fade out)

Oh if i lost it (if i lost it)
I dont wanna lose it...

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