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Scotty Wade - Emerald Eyes

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Emerald Eyes
Performed by: Scotty Wade
Written by: Scotty Wade
Submitted by: Michelle Fisher

Intro: G  D7  D  G D
[G}I saw it shine be-[D]fore me and it [Em]scared me half to [C]death
[G]Then, in a flash, it [C]left me with a {G]burning in my [D]chest
{G]I didn't know what [D]hit me on that [Em]hot west Texas [C]night
[G]All that I re-[C]member is a [G]brilliant [D]emerald [G]light

      And I [C]seem to recall a gentle [G]touch upon my hand
      And a [C]longing in my [Am]heart that I [G]didn't under-[D]stand
      Then a [C]tender kiss up-[D]on my lips like a [G]taste of para-[Em]dise
      Then I [C]looked into two beautiful and [G]brilliant [D]emerald [G]eyes

[G]Then, like a dream, she [D]vanished, but I [Em]know that she was [C]real
'Cause she [G]left a hole in-[C]side my heart that [G]only she can [D]fill
[G]Though some may think I've [D]lost my mind I'd [Em]wait for all my [G]life
[G]To gaze into those [C]beautiful and [G]brilliant [D]emerald [G]eyes


[G]Yeah, some may think I'm [D]crazy, but [Em]'til the day I [C]die
[G]I'll long to see those [C]beautiful and [G]brilliant [D]emerald [G]eyes

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