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Tammy Wynette - You and Me

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
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Artist: Tammy Wynette
Title: You and me

  ---(capo 1st)---

(verse 1)
G               D                     G7 - C
I can hear the rain, it`s falling softly,
G               E            A - C - D
as I watch him lying next to me.
G               D                 G7 - C
I can feel his heart is beating softly,
G               Am7
he just loves me, so tenderly, 
A                 D   D7  G  - G7 - C
but it should be you and me.

(verse 2)
G               D                  G7 - C
When he touches me, I feel your fingers,
G                 E               A - C - D
and each time we kiss I see your face.
G                   D                
When he locks the door behind us,
G7                  C               
then he thinks the world can`t harm us,
G           7Am
he can`t say, no he can`t say, 
A                  D   D7  G - D  G7 - C
that it should be you and me.

(verse 3)
  G                    D               G7   C
So I`ll just close my eyes and dream about you,
G                  E                     A - C - D
cause everytime I dream, you`re always there.
G                   D
Then you lock the door behind us,
G7                     C
and in my dreams the world can`t find us,
G         Am7                           
it will be, so real to me,        
A             D   D7  G  - G7 - C  G
it`s finally you and me.

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journeybear - 2005-03-05
2nd verse - Line 5 should be: He can't SEE, no, he can't SEE

This error exists at other sites. Who knows where it started but you can stop it.

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