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Ricky Van Shelton - From A Jack To A King

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Song: From A Jack To A King
Album: Lovin' Proof
Performer: Ricky Van Shelton
Words and Music: Ned Miller 
(Thanks to Jack McFadden for the songwriting credits)

From a jack to a king,
                Adim  G7     Am7
From loneliness to a wedding ring
G7                    Dm7
I played an ace and I won a queen
G7                        C
And walked away with your heart

From a jack to a king
With no regrets I stacked the cards last night
And lady luck played her hand just right
To make me king of your heart

C7         F              F#dim           C
For just a little while I thought I might lose the game
      Am  Em Am             D7              G7
Then just in time I saw the twinkle in your eye

From a jack to a king
From lonliness to a wedding ring
I played an ace and I won a queen
You made me king of your heart

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