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Montgomery Gentry - Daddy Won't Sell The Farm

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Song-"Daddy won't sell the farm"
Album-Tattoos & Scars
Label-Columbia Records

Intro DCD  DCD
C                                                   D
His cows get loose and run right through the fast food parkin lot
C                                                         D
And Daddy gets calls from the mini-malls when their downwind from his
              C                                                  G
When his tractor backs up traffic the reception ain't too warm
The citys growin around him
but Daddy won't sell the farm

You cain't roll a rock
up a hill that steep
    C                    G
you can't pull roots when they deep
                    D             C
He's gonna live and die in the eye of an urban storm
G                      D
Daddy won't sell the farm

C                                D
He worked and slaved in 68' he bought these fields and trees
D                                                  C             D
He raised his corn in a big red barn and a healthly family
He learned to love the woodland
He can't stand to do em harm
D                       G
Concrete all around him Daddy won't sell the farm


One day hes gonna leave it all to me
And I'll start my own branch of the family tree
G                                                                      A

They'll get the message written on the roof of the barn
Daddy won't sell the farm


Were gonna live and die
in the eye of the urban storm
Daddy won't sell the farm

...Oh you knew a country boy can survive

**This is a pretty easy song to pick out, but I thought I noticed it
wasn't up on the site.
I really like this one, these boys from KY are keepin country soundin
like country.  They keep those fiddles and slide guitar wailin!  Check
out the rest of their Tatoos and Scars album, its just as good.
Transcribed by:  "Scooter" Duvall

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