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Montgomery Gentry - Hell Yeah

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Montgomery Gentry -- Hell Yeah
Transcribed By Larry Furlong

This is my first contribution. I hope everyone enjoys this site as much as I do.

Material used. I listened to the song as I played about 5 times to get the
material, and I sure do hope it is right!

Verse 1

He works way too much for way too little

He drinks way too early til way too late
G                 F            C
He hasn't had a raise since New Year's Day in '88
G                      F                    C
Gets trampled on by everyone 'cept when he comes in here
G           F                C
He's a product of the Haggard generation
G           F              C
He's got a redneck side when you get him agitated
G                       F                       C
He got the gold tooth look from a stiff right hook he's 

proud he took
                   G              F                C
For his right wing stand on Vietnam says he lost his 

brother there
Bb                          C
He yells out Johnny Cash and the band starts to play
Bb                                 C           D
Ring of Fire and he walks up and stands there by the stage

And he says 

G           F         C
Hell yea turn it up right on
G           F           C
Hell yea sounds good sing that song
G           F         
Guitar man play it all night long
Take me back to where the music hit me

Life was good and love was easy.

G F C 2X

Verse 2
G           F           C
She got an MBA and plush corner office
G                 F          C
She got a don't mess with me attitude 
G                 F              C
She'll close the deals he don't reveal she can feel
G                    F                        C
The loneliness the emptiness 'cept when she comes in here 
G         F                 C
She's a product of the me generation
G                        F                      C 
She got a rock and roll side when you get her agitated
G                     F                C             
She got the tattoo there on her derriere from a spring 

break dare
G                       F                       C
In Panama when love was all she thought she'd ever need 
Bb                       C
She yells out to the band know any Bruce Springsteen
Bb                        C                   D
Then she jumps up on the bar and she starts to scream


Yeah, yeah anything to get my mind off thinking bout
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Hey Hell Yeah

SOLO  G F C Repeats 4X

Chorus 2X


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