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Montgomery Gentry - Self Made Man

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

Title:  Self Made Man
Artist:  Montgomery Gentry
Album:  Tattoos and Scars
From:  Chris Green

Lick 1

Lick 2
They use vibrato on the recording

intro: G, C, G, C  (Lick 1 x2)
I could say it's all her fault

She never had any patience at all
I'm a complicated guy
And she didn't try to understand

(Lick 2)

I could claim I had nothing to do

With the fact that I'm lonesome and blue
          C                  D
But that wouldn't be true
I'm a self made man

      C                G/B
Yeah I'm the one that fooled around 
     Am               G
And let the one that loved me down
     C              G/B                 Dsus4  D
And she had more of me than she could stand
C             G/B       
I blamed everyone but me 
    Am                 G 
But now that it's too late I see
   Am            G/B       C
Nobody helped me get where I am
       D         G   
I'm a self made man

(Lick 1 x1)

I could blame it on the way I was raised
Or I could say that I was just too afraid
To let my heart in somebody else's hands
(Lick 2)
I could always make one more excuse
but in the end, what's the use
I might as well face, I'm a self made man

repeat chorus

Lead (C, G/B, Am, G; C, G/B)

Dsus4 D  C             G/B       
woa--,   I blamed everyone but me 
    Am                 G 
But now that it's too late I see
   Am            G/B       C
Nobody helped me get where I am
       D         G   
I'm a self made man
(Lick 1 x3)
(end with last half of Lick 2)

These are the only tricky chords
 G/B       Dsus4 
--X--     --X--
--2--     --X--
--0--     --0--
--0--     --2--
--0--     --3--
--3--     --3--
The rest are EXTREMELY basic

Knock yourselves out, Bud.

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