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Randy Travis - Promises

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By Randy Travis
Cheap perfume and painted faces, __ 

fallen angles fill the places 
             A                                             E
Where I go when my troubles pull me down

All the lies I know they'll tell me, __ 

and the time that they will sell me 
         F#m7                                       B 
For a while I'll be the biggest man in town
Back at home in bed she's crying, __ 

for her love for me is dying
        A                                                     E   
But she'll pry I make it safely through the night
When the mornin' sun starts showing, ___
to her bedside I'll be going
                  E                     B7                      E  
And she'll hold me while I face the morning light _____
* And I'll make promises ___ 

promises to change 
I'll make her promises swear I'll rearrange 
And I'll start giving all the love she needs 
          B7                     A  B
if only she will stay____
Once again she'll reasure me and 

I believe her love will cure me
              A                                      E
And I'll fall asleep with tears on my face

Lord I know she's just a woman 

and her love can't last forever
And someday soon I know she'll 
B                      B7
leave without a trace
For broken' promises ___ 

will tear her dreams apart
Just token promises will someday break her heart
And for the last time she'll hold me when I cry 
and while I'm sleeping
           A      B  A/B           C                      D/C        E
She'll quiet--ly say  “goodbye” __________

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