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Brooks & Dunn - Every River

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Every River - Brooks & Dunn
Album: Steers And Stripes
Writers: Kim Richey/Angelo/Tom Littlefield

*Note-this song is tuned "in the cracks" on the CD. (That means it's
tuned like half way between major and sharp or flat) So if you play
along with the CD it will sound like your guitar is out of tune but
really you are playing it right. I'd suggest just getting the feel
of the song from the CD then playing it acoustically without the CD.
Or if you want to you can try to tune your guitar it to the track.

**CAPO 3*** (see bottom for alternate choice)

Intro: D

Bm          D     Bm                 D
Once upon a time, somewhere in your past
G               D             Bm              D
Someone said forever but that promise didn't last
Bm               D      Bm           D
Now you don't believe, love is ever true
G                D                  Bm              D
Steel yourself against the day, when I stop loving you

G                                A
When the day comes that I don't love you
Bm               G              A
Every star will fall out of the sky
G                        D      G
And every mountain will tumble down
Bm         A         D
And every river run dry

Bm                 D     Bm                    D
For every drop of rain, that ever touched the ground
G                    D             Bm            D
For every tear that ever fell and never made a sound
Bm        D    Bm           D
I'll be there, to hear you call
G                     D              Bm              D
And I'll be there to catch you baby should you ever fall


Instrumental: Bm  D  Bm  D  G  D  Bm  D


Bm         A         D
And every river run dry

A   =   x02220
Bm  =   x24432(bar chord) or xx4432
D   =   xx0232
G   =   320003

*Note-If you want to play without a capo just play the below chords in
place of the ones listed above.
A-----> C
Bm ---> Dm
D-----> F
G-----> Bb

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