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Brooks & Dunn - That Ain't No Way To Go

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That Ain't No Way to Go - Brooks and Dunn

D/A	x00232
C#m	046624
Esus  	022200
D/F#	2x023x
F#m7 	042222
Gsus2	3x0233
E/G#	422100

INTRO		A  |  F#m7   |   Gsus2   |  D/F#  Gsus2  |


	(A) Lipstick letter 'cross the mir-(D/A)-ror this (A) mornin'
	Said (F#m7) "Goodbye," baby. You left without warnin'
	Like a (Gsus2) thief in the night, 
	(D/F#) You ran away with my heart (E)  (Esus) |  (E)

	I can't be-(A)-lieve my eyes, must be a (A/D) bad  (A) dream
	(F#m7) She always said we had a good thing
	(Gsus2) She never once let on, 
	(D/F#) we were falling apart (E)  (Esus) (E)


	That ain't no way to (D) go (E) , (C#m) Girl it just ain't right (D)
	(A) Don't you think (E/G#) that I (D/F#) deserve (A/E) 
	to (G) hear you (D/F#) say good-(E)-bye?  (Esus)  (E)
	That ain't no way to (D) go (E),  (C#m) Was it all a (D) lie? 
	(A) After (D) all (A) this (E) time, 
	That ain't no way to (Gsus2) go (D/F#) | (G) |

TURNAROUND (like INTRO)    |  A  |  F#m7  |   Gsus2  |  D/F#  Gsus2


	(A) I'm getting nowhere, I'm (D/A) tired of (A) thinkin',
	(F#m7) Guess I'll do a little wishful drinkin'
	Make a (Gsus2) whiskey wish, (D/F#) upon on a star (E) (Esus) (E)

	(A) Train whistle blowin' (D/A) down (A) the tracks
	(F#m) Lonesome sound says she ain't comin' back,
	(Gsus2) It's such a cold blow, (D/F#) From out of the dark



OUTRO	That ain't no way to go | (Gsus2)  |  (D/F#)  (Gsus2) |  (A)

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