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Radney Foster - Went For A Ride

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Went For a Ride
Writer Radney Foster
Transcribed by Phillip Faseler
From the CD are you ready for the big show
This is my first try so please feel free to make changes
email me @

D                           G
He was black as the sky on a moonless night
D                               A
He was good with horses he never reined em too tight
D                           G
He rode with the best hell he rode with me
D                                A
and they got it all wrong in that book of history

G                                   D
It wasn't cowboys and ponies it was horses and men
A                                       D
It wasn't school boys and Ladies it was cowtowns and sin
           G                           D
and there was blood on the leather and tears in her eyes 
                         A             D
we swore at the devil and went for a ride

We told some tales he told em best
real life can always use a good stretch
but that don't change the things we did
cause the truest thing was the life that we lived


More than one kind of pain more than one kind of theft
and its bitter as the night sweet Jesus wept
She stole my heart age stole the fire
they stole my praire when they strung all that wire


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