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Tracy Lawrence - Unforgiven

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
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By: Tracy Lawrence 
Transcribed by:  Levi Barton

[Capo 2nd Fret]

Intro: [D]\\\[G]\ \ \ [A]\ \ \ [D]\[A]\[G]\[D]\ \\\[G]\ \ \ [A]\ \ \ 

[D]Thomas Jefferson he had slaves in the
[G]land of the free and the [A]home of the brave. 
[Bm]I read [G]about it in [A]the seventh [D]grade.
[G]He's for-[A]given.
[D]JFK he loved to run around. 
[G]He and Norma Jean [A]painted that town. 
[Bm]But we [G]know him as a [A]hero [D]now. 
[G] [A]He's for-[D]given.
[G]Baby, I know I did you [A]wrong. That's why I'm here. 
That's why you're [Bm]gone.
But I don't know just what I've [G]done to be [A]one of the unfor-[G]given. 
[1st time:][G]\ \ \ [A]\ \ \ [D]\[A]\[G]\[D]\
[2nd time:][G]   [D]   [Bm] [G] [A] [A/Bb][E][strum and let ring into last 

[D]I had an uncle. He dodged the draft.
[G]They said step forward and he [A]stepped back.
[Bm]But we [G]all [A]cut him some [D]slack. 
[G]He's for-[A]given.
[D]Judas betrayed the Christ with a kiss. 
[G]Cartel kings get a [A]slap on the wrist. 
[Bm]Jesse [G]James and [A]Billy the [D]Kid. 
[G]They're [A]all for-[D]given.

2nd Chorus

[E]I've made mistakes. That's what life is. 
But there [A]ain't a thing I [B]can't live with. 
[C#m]And even [B]though you [E]can't forgive. 
[A] [B]You're for-[E]given.

End: [E] [A] [B] [C#m][B][E] [A] [B]  [...Repeat and fade out...]

This is a great song, played in the key of E.
Use capo on 2nd fret with the following chords to play along with the cd track.

D    000232
G    320033
A    002220
Bm   224432
A/Bb x22222

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