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Trace Adkins - Chrome

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Trace Adkins - Chrome

Intro: A D E |2x

A               D                  E
Chrome, She can see herself In the shiny grill and the
                A                 D
Wire wheels of a red Chevelle with four on the floor and
the top down
A       D                 E
Chrome, zippin' by on an Electra Glide
                          A          D
With dual tail pipes doin' 105 in the broad daylight
On a two-lane headin' outta town

A      D        G      D
Forget Pink and purple paisleys
A      D      G      D
little mellow-yellow daisies
A        D       G  D  A      D   G
Ain't no pot of go--ld in her rainbow
            D          A          A D E |2x
Her favorite color is ..Chrome

Chrome, get her leg up high
on the bumper of my big black Mack truck
With a smoke stack pointed towards the sky
And mud flaps, you know the kind
Chrome,I said hey little girl you sure look nice
Do you wanna ride, I won't bite, she climbs inside
Says hell no, I want to drive



A A C C# D D
            It's chrome alright
A A C C# D D
            Shiny,nice polished
A A B B C C C# C# D D
E E F F F# F# G G A A Bm Bm  B B E E


Forget Pink and purple paisleys
B      E        A      E
Forget Pink and purple paisleys
B      E      A      E
little mellow-yellow daisies
B        E      A    E  B      E   A
Ain't no pot of go--ld  in her rainbow
            E          B        E A B
Her favorite color is ..Chrome

Her favorite color
That girl is all about chrome
                       C# D E
She sure loves chrome

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