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Toby Keith - How Do You Like Me Now

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#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
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Song:         "How Do You Like Me Now"
Performed by: Toby Keith
Album:        "How Do You Like Me Now"

G  = 320033
F  = X33211
C  = X32010
Dm = X00231
Em = 022000


C  F (play 4x)

Verse 1:

G (arpeggio)                   G (arpeggio)
Yeah I was always a crazy one, broke into the stadium
    F                          C
And I wrote your number on the fifty yard line
G (arpeggio)                          G (arpeggio)
And you were always a perfect one and valedictorian
   F                         C
So under your number I wrote call for a good time
Dm     Em        F          G
I only wanted to get your attention
    C                     F
But you overlooked me somehow
Dm              Em       F              G
Besides you had too many boyfriends to mention
    C                      G
And I played my guitar too loud
F                  G
How do ya like me now

                  C                       F
How do ya like me now, now that I'm on my way
                    G                     C
You still think I'm crazy standing here today
                    F                             C
I couldn't make you love me but I always dreamed about
               G                        C     C  F (play 2x)
Living in your radio, How do ya like me now

Verse 2:

G (arpeggio)                   G (arpeggio)
When I took off to Tennessee I heard that you made fun of me
F                  C
Never imagined I'd make it this far
G (arpeggio)                      G (arpeggio)
Then you married into money girl, ain't it a cruel and funny world
F                           C
He took your dreams, and he tore them apart
Dm             Em              F       G
He never comes home and you're always alone
         C                          F
And your kids hear you cry down the hall
Dm                 Em          F             G
Alarm clock starts ringing who could that be singing
     C                         G
It's me baby with your wake up call
F                  G
How do ya like me now

* repeat chorus *

* solo *

* repeat chorus *

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