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Hank Williams III - Cecil Brown

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Song:   Cecil Brown
Author: Hank Williams, III
Album:  Lovesick, Broke & Driftin (Curb Records 2002)
Notes:  4/4 in E.  Not 100% on the chords beneath the dobro break.

INTRO: Am x 4 measures

Am                                   G
Well, my name is Cecil Brown and I-m from a little town
    D                  C       Am
And people don-t think much of me.
Am                          G
I never understood why they thought I was no good,
    D       C      Am
But this is how it seems.

The feelings of this worn out cowboy
      D                Am
Would make you feel so cold.
I-ve traveled up and down so many
      D        Am
Kinda lonesome roads.

Am                               G
I once took the high road and it took me straight to hell.
    D                  C    Am
And I stayed there all by myself.
Am                          G
Cause on the road-s where I feel that I belong,
               D             C        Am
Cause it don-t matter who is right or wrong.


DOBRO BREAK over C  D  |Am     |C  D  |Am    |
                 C  D  |Am     |G     |D     |Am 

Am                         G
Pickin up the pieces of my broken family
   D           C        Am
Is not an easy sight to see.
Am                                G
And as the leaves have changed it helps ease the pain
    D             C        Am
And sufferin they left for me.


OUTRO:  Am plunking along progressively slower

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