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Hank Williams III - What Did Love Ever Do To You

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"What Did Love Ever Do To You"
sung by,  Hank Williams III
written by,  Kostas,  Dean Miller
from the CD,  Risin' Outlaw

[F#] Oh, [B] some day you'll find out what it [F#]  means to be blue
'Cause everybody pays for the [C#] things that they [F#] do
[B] You broke something precious, sacred and [F#]  true
Darlin', what did love ever [C#] do to [F#] you

1st verse:
[F#] I still can't believe what I'm feelin'
As my [C#]  heart turns slowly to [F#] stone
I'm staring a [F#7]  hole thru the [B] ceiling
The [F#]  memory of your [C#] leaving won't let me go

Repeat chorus:

instrumental: (rockabilly guitar with some steel mixed in)

2nd verse:
Your words built the walls of this prison
and like a fool I'm doin' time for you
I searched thru my mind for a reason
But when you left, you left me without a clue

Repeat chorus, singing the last two lines twice.

Authors note:
There you have it, friends. This song is very straight forward, Nashville 
sounding fare.  Still, listen carefully and you'll hear a lot of Hank Sr. in
the voice, I think. 

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