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Pam Tillis - Cleopatra

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CLEOPATRA  (QUEEN OF DENIAL)  Pam Tillis  done in A

Well....I [A]said he had a lot of potential, he was only misunderstood

You know, he [D]really didn't mean to treat me so bad,

He [A]wanted to be good

And I [E]swore, one day, I would tame him,

Even tho, he loved to run hogwild

Just call me, [A]Cleopatra, [D]everybody,

'Cause [E]I'm the queen of [A]denial

I [A]knew he didn't have any money,

yeah, that's why he couldn’t buy me a ring

Oh, and [D]just because he bought himself a brand new pick up truck

[A]Really didn't prove anything

And [E]he never had to say he loved me,

I could see it everytime he smiled

Just call me, [A]Cleopatra, [D]everybody,

'Cause [E]I'm the queen of [A]denial


Oh, queen of [D]denial, [A]buying all his alibis

Queen of [B]denial,[E]floatin' down a river of lies, yeah, yeah

Lead… plays music to "All the girls in France do the hula hula dance"

No, [A]I'm not gonna jump to conclusions,

[A]Oh, and throw away this perfect romance

Even [D]tho, I saw him dancin' last night,

With a [A]girl in a leopard skin pants

Oh, he's [E]probably stuck in traffic

And he'll be here in a little while

Just call me, [A]Cleopatra, [D]everybody,

'Cause [E]I'm the queen of [A]denial

Sing bridge again
Lead again…Music to "All the girls in France...etc."

Submitted By:  Bill and Candy Husselman

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