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Pam Tillis - Shake The Sugar Tree

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                PAM TILLIS  --  SHAKE THE SUGAR TREE

Written by Chapin Hartford (C)1992 Sony/ATV Songs LLC Tree Publishing Co.(BMI)
Transcribed by Darragh Egan (
From "Pam Tillis - greatest hits" - 1997, Arista Nashville
Originally on the album, "Homeward Looking Angel"

INTRO:  guitar plays eight bars of E while mandolin plays recurring melody.

E                   E
Love, you're gettin lazy
E                    E
You're forgetting to give me
A               A            E              E
Sweet sugar,    words that I want to hear
              B            B
You've been neglecting me
         B               B                        E           E
You know jealousy, it is bitter as a green spring berry

And just like [E]fruit from a [E]fickle vine
[E]You turn sweet in the [E]nick of time
[A]Love, you only [A]come alive when you're [E]losin me   [E]
And it's a [B]childish game  [B]
I've got to [B]shake you up, just to [B]wake you up
To make you [E]love me   [E]

CHORUS:      E         E         E                 E
        I'll shake the sugar tree 'til I feel your love falling
        A      B       E         E
        All.......... around me
                      B                  B    
        You've got to tend to what you planted
                   B                 B
        And if you take my love for granted
                   E     B         A            A
        Baby, I'll shake...... the sugar tree

BREAK:  |E     |E     |E     |E

[E]Another night and you're [E]sleeping
[E]I'm awake and I'm [E]dreaming
[A]Oh honey,  [A]'bout the way that it [E]used to be  [E]
A little [B]time's gone by  [B]
Do you [B]think that I'm con-[B]tent
With the cookin and the [B]payin' of rent
No, I [B]wanna know if you're [E]love's all spent   [E]


BRIDGE: Bm\....                    F#\....  
             I've got to raise some       commotion
        Bm\....                F#\....                  B\ \ \ \  B\ \ \ \
             Before you show me      some real emotion


I like to play B7 instead of B in the verses.  I also like to play B7 in
place of E in the last half bar of verses 2 and 3 (leading into chorus).

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