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Waylon Jennings - Grapes On The Vine

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**************** GRAPES ON THE VINE ****************
written by Steve Gillette and Charles John Quarto
performed by Waylon Jennings.

1st PART:

Verse 1:
	There are songs that birds don't sing to people
	There are secrets that keep right through to the end
	There are heroes who hide until forever
	And i'm singing this song for one of them

Verse 2:
	He's the man that you passed on the road there
	The one with his life on the loose
	Going either somewhere or nowhere
	Going without me,without you

	For he is this world's constant orphan
	Traveling out his lone time
	Living on apples from orchards
	Dying from grapes on the vine

2nd PART:

Verse 3:
    C/G          Am                   F 
	You can find him in big city winters
	 C/G                          G
	Down where the mission bell cries
	     Am                    F
	And sorrow echoes through summer
	        G                    C/G
	As he tries to close all his eyes

Verse 4:
   C/G           Am                          F
	You can find him in Pittsburgh in Christmas
	         C/G                    G
	You can find him in Buffalo in June
	        Am                         F  
	And he knows all the backroads between them
      G                           C/G
	Like the gypsy knows the moon

Verse 5:
                Am       F  
	And it's route 22 all over again
                     G                            C/G   
	Stick your thumb out and try to look like somebody's friend
                Am              F
	Look strong at the man,gentle at the girl
             G                          C/G
	And puzzled at the rest of the world


	Living on apples from orchards
	Dying from grapes on the vine

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