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Waylon Jennings - Days of Sand and Shovels, The

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The Days of Sand and Shovels
Waylon Jennings

This came out in the late sixties by Waylon Jennings  on the flip side
of Something's Wrong in California, I think.  A few years later Nat
Stuckey had a rendition of it.

When I [D]noticed her the first time
    I was [D#dim]outside running barefoot in the [Em7]rain
[A7]She lived in the house next door
    And her nose was pressed against the window [D]pane[D#dim-Em-A7]

[D]When she looked at me
    She smiled and [D#dim]showed a place where two teeth used to [Em7]be

[A7]And I heard her ask her mom
    If she could come outside and play with me[D-D#dim-Em7-A7] etc

We became as one and
    Had a love without beginning or an end
And every day she lived with me
    Was like a new day dawning once again   [pause]

And I've loved her since
    [Em7]Every doll was Shirley  Temple
[Cmaj7]Soda pop was still a nickel
    [Fmaj7]Jam was on her fingertips
[A7]Milk was circled on her lips

After many years our love grew silent
    And at night I heard her cry
When she left me in the fall
    I knew that it would be our last goodbye

I was man enough to give her everything
    She needed for a while
But in searching for a perfect love
    I found that I could not give her a child

Chs. and fade

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