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Kenny Chesney - Just Don't Happen Twice

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ďJust Donít Happen TwiceĒ
By Kenny Chesney
Transcribed By Joe L. Vessels
lead riff transcribed by Austin Lawhead

p- pull off
/-slide to third fret on E string
G:--------------------------------------   repeat

there are few variations throughout the song
but that should help you figure out the rest.

One of the best love songs ever - Chesney Kicks Butt!!!

Verse 1
G           Am
I havnít seen you in forever
C           G
Ah you havnít changed a bit
G           Am
You didnít think that Iíd remember
C       D
How could I forget

D      G                 D      Am
We sang Bobby McGehee on the hood of my car
Am          C
Mad a wish on every star
G   D       C
In that clear September sky
    G          D
One bottle of wine & 2 Dixie cups
Am      C
3 A.M. I fell in love
G   D       C
For the first time in my life
        Am      D       G
Oh thatís something that just donít happen twice

Verse 2

To this day I still taste that first kiss
How I prayed it wouldnít end
In a way, seeing you like this
I guess I never really did

Chorus again and again till you get tired of it

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