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Randy Travis - Carpenter, The

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'The Carpenter' by: Randy Travis, from the album "Inspirational Journey"
Composed by: Chip Taylor, Randy Travis and Ron Avis

       C                                                  F   G
He was just a carpenter by trade, he learned from his father at a very early age
  C                              G7               C     F
There was something special in the man,  there was much more to his life
                C         G        C
Than just workin' with his hands, and He'd say...

"There's no home I could design

That would match the one you'll find

When you leave this world behind
                               G  G7
If you'll only take the time..
C                                                 C7.
To love your neighbour like your brother,
Treat your brother like a friend,
                                   G                 C
Always turn the other cheek, help the weary and the weak
                                            C7         F.
Make the time for young and old, and as your life unfolds
Each kindness that you've shown
Will be the nails and hammer as you build your final ladder
In the manner of the carpenter of old."

     C                    G7                    C
You could feel compassion in his eyes
F                                                     G
But only those who hurt him did not realize
C                     G7                C
That he was speaking to us all
          F                                        C        G        C
The righteous and the mighty, the silent and the small,
And he'd say...

(Repeat chorus)
He was just a carpenter by trade,
F                                               G            C
He learned from his father at a very early age.

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