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Randy Travis - A Better Class Of Loser

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(G) I'm getting' out of this high-rise (C)penthouse (G)suite,

Where we pretend life's rosy and (D)sweet.

I'm going (G)back to the folks that (C)I used to know,

Where everyone is (D)they seem to be.

(G) And these high class friends that you (C)like to hang a(G)round,

When they look my way they're always looking (D)down.

And I'm (G)tired of you spendin' every (C)dime I (G)make

To finance this way of (D)life I've learned to (G)hate.


I'm goin' (C)back to a better class of (G)losers

This uptown livin's really got me (D)down.

I need (G)friends who don't pay their bills on (C)home com(G)puters,

And the (A)buy their coffee (A7)beans already (D)ground   (D7)

(C)You think it's disgraceful that they (G)drink three dollar (C)wine,

But a (G)better class of (D)loser suits me (G)fine.

(G) You said the grass was greener (C)on the other (G)side,

But from where I stand I can't see grass at (D)all.

And the (G)concrete and the steel, they'll (C)change the way you (G)feel,

And it takes more than cavi(D)ar to have a (G)ball………CHORUS

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