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Gary Allan - Man Of Me

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Man Of Me by Gary Allan

[E][G][A][G] [E][G][A][G]

Well [E]high school got me [G]educated,[A]still went and [G]graduated

[E]I didn't [G]have a [A]clue [G]

[E]Did a stand [G]in the Navy, [A]they did their [G]best to break me[E]

Somehow I [G]made it [A]through[G]

[A]I've had some [D]hard [A]knocks, [E]I've been around the block

But [C]baby [G]I be- [D]live[B7]

That [E]lo- [G]vin [A]you made a [G]man of [E]me [G][A][G]

[E]Raisin hell, [G]racin cars, [A]closing down the [G]local bars

[E]That's what I [G]used to [A]do [G]

[E]Family told me [G]settle down, [A]find yourself some [G]solid ground

[E]Where you can [G]put down some [A]roots [G]

[A]Back then I [D]thought [A]love, [E]was only sissy stuff

But [C]now [G]I [D]see[B7]

That [E]lo- [G]vin [A]you made a [G]man of [E]me [G][A][G]

[E]Lo- [G]vin [A]you made a [G]man of [E]me [G][A][G]

[B]Don't know what it is you do it, [?]every time I'm holdin you

[?]I know what my [?]heart is for

[B]I'm the one you lean on, [C#m]got to be strong

[C]It aint [G]just about [D]me anymore[B7]

Well [E]goodbye [G]to my [A]blind imma- [G]turity [E][G][A][G]

[E]Lo- [G]vin [A]you made a [G]man of [E]me, [G][A] made a [G]man of

[E]me, [G][A]made a [G]man of [E]me [G][A] WOW [G], [E][G][A][G],


[A]I'll still be [D]on- [A]ly, [E]lost and lonely as a [C]boy [G]can

you [B7]see

That [E]lo- [G]vin [A]you made a [G]man of [E]me [G][A][G]

[E]Lo- [G]vin [A]you made a [G]man of [E]me [G][A]

You made a [G]man of me[E][G][A]

You made a [G]man of [E]me [G][A] yeah [G], [E][G][A][G],

[E][G][A][G], [E..

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