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Garth Brooks - New Way To Fly

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

Song:       NEW WAY TO FLY
Author:     Garth Brooks
Performer:  Garth Brooks
CD:         "No Fences" 1990 Capitol
Notes:      Played open but easier if you capo 1st fret.
            Chords refer to finger position, not key. The  "1" in chord
            refers to the capo.

Finger Position:        A     E     D    Dbm    Bm   Fm
   Actual chord:       (Bb)  (F)  (D#)   (Dm)  (Cm) (F#m)
                 E -----1-----1-----1-----X-----X-----3-----
                 A -----1-----3-----1-----5-----3-----5-----
                 D -----3-----3-----1-----7-----5-----5-----
                 G -----3-----2-----3-----7-----5-----3-----
                 B -----3-----1-----4-----6-----4-----3-----
                 E -----1-----1-----3-----5-----3-----3-----

NEW WAY TO FLY by Garth Brooks

Intro:  A

1st verse:
A                                                            E
Like birds on the high line they line up at nighttime at the bar.
They all once were lovebirds, now bluebirds are all that they are.
                                                    D    Dbm   Bm
They landed in hell and in it they fell from love’s sky.
A                              E                         A    E
Now, they hope in a while that they’ll find a new way to fly.

             A                     Fm
A new way to fly far away from goodbye.
                         D                      E                            
A   E
Above the clouds and the rain, the memories and pain and the tears that they 
                     A                                 Fm
Now the lessons been learned.  They’ve all crashed and burned.
                  D                       E                 A
They’d leave it behind if they could just find a new way to fly.

2nd verse:
A                                                       E
By the end of the night they’ll be high as a kite once again.
And they don’t seem to mind all the time or the money they spend.
                                                   D   Dbm  Bm
It’s a high price to pay to just find a way to get by.
         A                    E                      A   E      
But it’s worth every night if they find a new way to fly.

                   D               E                          A
They’ll leave it behind as soon as they find a new way to fly. 

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