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Tracy Byrd - Just Let Me Be In Love

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

Songtitle: Just Let Me Be In Love (Track 2)
Artist:  Tracy Byrd
Album:  Ten Rounds
Year:  2001

Chords by:  Raylan Williams
Tabbed by:  Armand Eglauer

In going through the chords that Raylan put together, I added a few small
changes on the last line of the verses and corrected one error in the lyrics
in the first verse.  

After painstaking efforts (literally!), I was able to come up with the tab
for the solos, or at least what I believe to be pretty accurate.  I tried to
keep some spaces between the tabbed notes, but when they are played so 
quickly, I figured those efforts were futile.  Contact me with any errors or
corrections to the work.

Listen to the song for timing of the solos; they are best played with a 2nd
guitar while the first strums the chords shown.  Everything (chords and tab)
is relative to the capo.  Enjoy!  (By the way, I have played the solos along
with the song at the same timing, but only once!)

Capo 3rd fret

     Am   Em    F  Esus   E    C   E7   Bb   Dm 
E |---x----0----1----0----0----0----0----1----x---|
A |---0----2----3----2----2----3----2----1----x---|
D |---2----2----3----2----2----2----0----3----0---|
G |---2----0----2----2----1----0----1----3----2---|
B |---1----0----1----0----0----1----0----3----3---|
e |---0----0----1----0----0----0----0----1----1---|

     Am            Em  F           Esus    E       Am
E |------------------|----------------------------x---|
A |------------------|----------------------------0---|
D |------------------|----------------------------2---|
G |------------------|---------------------1-2----2---|
B |------------------|-6-6-5-5-3-3-------------0--1---|
e |--5-7-8-8-7-7-8-0-|-5-5-3-3-1-1-0-0-1-0--------0---|

Verse 1:
[Am]My breath is short my heart is [Em]beating fast
[F]Every time I smile at her, she's [Esus]smiling back [E]
[Am]If I'm dreaming, please just [Em]let me sleep
[F]Anyone can see that she's too [Esus]good for me [E]
Oh, [C]give her time, she'll find out soon enough
[Esus]Just let me [E]have and [E7]hold her 'til she [E]does

   [Am]What we've got [Em]going on is [F]so incredi-[E]ble
   [Am]This chemis-[Em]try between us [F]feels so wonder-[E]ful
   But [Am]knowing me I'll [Em]probably
   [Bb]Find a [C]way to mess it [F]up
   Who [Dm]knows, who [C]cares, right [F]now
   Just [E]let me be in [Am]love

Solo 1:
    Am                Em      F             Esus    Em    

Verse 2:
[Am]Don't concern me with re-[Em]ality
[F]Don't convince me she's too [Esus]heavenly [E]
[Am]Forget the future disre-[Em]gard the past
[F]Those are questions I don't [Esus]wanna ask [E]
Oh, [C]to my heart all that matters is tonight
[Esus]Just let me [E]live this [E7]moment in her [E]eyes

Repeat Chorus

Solo 2:
    Am    Em                  F                  Esus              Em

    Am                     Em           F                Esus    Em

  Repeat Chorus
  Who [Dm]knows, who [C]cares, right [F]now
  Just [E]let me be in [Am]love

Instrumental: Am Em F Esus E  (Repeat chords to fade)

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