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Garth Brooks - I Don't Have To Wonder

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Subject: I don't Have To Wonder (Garth Brooks)

Written by: Shawn Camp and Taylor Dunn
From: Garth Brooks album (Sevens)
Transcribed by: Charlene Yebba        
Another great one, from the big man himself.
Although Garth didn't write this one...He sure 
put alot of soal into it. I love the way this sounds
on my guitar when I play. Enjoy!!! 


D    G
Drove to the church
D    G
In my suit and tie
But I just couldn't bring myself
      A      D
To go inside

D      G
So I sat alone
   A       D
In my truck across the street
Watched that chauffeur smokin' cigarettes
By that long white limousine

D   G
I could just imagine
         A     D
What was goin' on in there
Sunlight streamin' through the stained glass
And those flowers in her hair

    Bm      D
And in less time that it takes a tear to fall
   G D
Those bells rang loud as thunder
      G                     D
As they opened up the doors
         G    A         D G A           
Now I don't have to wonder anymore 

D        G
Laughin' and a cryin'
D   G
Tossin' that bouquet
D           G
And when you got in that limo
   G D
I drove off the other way

D        G
And I still don't know
    A        D
Why things happened like they did
But I parked that old pickup
On that lonesome river bridge

D            G
I took your ring from my pocket
              A    D
And I held it one last time
Watched that diamond sparkle
    A D G A
I drew back and I let it fly

   Bm      D
And in less time that it takes a tear to fall
         G     D
Oh that old ring went under
          G    D
And now it's gone for sure
         G   A            Bm
And I don't have to wonder anymore 

         G D
Well the angels sang like thunder
           G            D
As I felt myslef go under
         G    A   D G A
Now I don't have to wonder anymore

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