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Hank Williams Jr. - Texas Women

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Texas Women
By: Hank Williams Jr.
Transcribed by: Jeff Gary

Intro: D

D                                       A
Iíve got some fond memories of San Angelo
And Iíve seen some beauty queens in El Paso
But the best lookiní women that Iíve ever seen
                 D          A           D
Have all been in Texas, and all weariní jeans

     G        D            A      D
Iím a country plowboy not a urban cowboy
     G           D            E                A
And I donít ride bulls, but I have fought some men
       G       D             A        D
Drive a pickup truck trust in God and luck
     G        D          CAD
And I live to love Texas women

Verse: (same as the first)
I thought Iíd seen beauty in far away places
ĎTil I looked upon those Houston faces
Spent Hollywood nights up in Beverly Hills
But they werenít nothiní like one night down in Brownsville


Key change to E
E                                       B
Iím a pretty fair judge of the opposite sex
And I ainít seen nothiní that will touch Ďem yet
They may be from Waco or out in Lampasas
                E           B             E
But one thing about it they all come from Texas


      A       E        B       E
Iím an Oilier fan not a soccer man
      A         E       F        B
And my arms are red and so is my blood
    A            E              B          E
And they make it boil with that soft Texas drawl
    A          E         DBE
And I love Ďem all Texas women

-Jeff Gary-

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theworm - 2005-01-26
The F in the bridge should be an F#.

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