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Hank Williams Jr. - Last Pork Chop

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Song Title: Last Pork Chop
Artist: Hank Williams Jr.
Supplied by: Mark Artwein
Album: Almeria Club
Words and music by: Hank Williams Jr.

This is a blues song and there are many different ways one can play this song.
This is the way that I like to play it when I have percussions and bass.


Chords: G A D

You know you get the hots for some gal    and you just can't stop

Making love 6 times a day   it gets better than pork chop because

A                                                       G
One is as good as the other     if you all know what I mean

D                                A            G
Some of us like a little bit of fat     some of us like that meat
just a little bit lean

I like gravy on the side    hot and juicy lovin

Brown sugar on top    sausage warm right out of the oven    ewwww!

You get to eating    ewww lord you just can't stop

Make me wonder why oh why      why did I leave that last pork chop

Instrumental  G   A   D  G      D    A    G

I met this fine gal in the choir    sure could sing

Said come down to my house   I am going to feed you ham hocks and beans

We pigged out on each other       man her kitchen was smoking hot

I mean I had get up and open a window and I said to myself why did I leave
that last pork chop

Instrumental  G   A   D  G      D    A    G

Well I had been on a very strict diet    of beer scotch and love

I was offered some blue plate special but hell no I was a fool for her
until I found out

She had been server up that pie while I was gone punching the clock

Then I thought of that little waitress down at Maxine's and said to myself

Why oh why     why did I leave that last pork chop.


I'll take one fried and two with gravy please!!

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