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Garth Brooks - To Make You Feel My Love

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Song: To Make You Feel My Love
By: Garth Brooks
written by: Bob Dylan
As appears on: Soundtrack to Hope Floats

chords:(D/C#)-x4x232, (D/C)-x3x032, (E7)-020100
(G/B)x2xx33 (D/B)-x2x232 or x2xx32 (A9 x02230) (D9) xx0233

Notes: On the verses, lead with the bass chord, that gives you time to form
the rest of the (gennerally D) chords that follow in the 

Into-(D), (D/C#), (D/C), (G/B), (Gm), (D), (D/B), (E7), (A), (D)

(D)When the rain is blowing(D/C#)in your face,

(C/D)And the whole world is(G/B)on your case,

(Gm)I would offer you a(D)warm embrace (D/B),

(E7)To make you feel my(A)love. (A9),(A)

(D)When evenin' shadows and the(D/C#)stars appear,

(D/C)and there is no one there to(G/B)dry your tears,

(Gm)I could hold you for a(D)million years (D/B),

(E7)to make you(A)feel my(D)love,

(G)I know you haven't made your(D)mind up yet,

(F#)but I would(G)never do you(D)wrong, (D9),(D)

(G)I've known it from the moment(D)that we met,

(E7)No doubt in my mind where you(A)belong, (A9),(A)

(D)I'd go hungry, I'd go(D/C#)black and blue

(D/C)I'd go crawlin'down the(G/B)avenue,

(Gm)There's nothing that I(D)wouldn't do (D/B),

(E7)to make you(A)feel my(D)love,

(D/C#) (D/C) (G/B) (Gm) (D) (G/B) (E7) (A) (D)

(G)The storms are raging on the(D)rollin sea,

(F#)And on the(G)highway of(D)regret, (D9), (D)

(G)The winds of change are blowin(D)wild and free,

(E7)and you ain't see nothin' like(A9) (A) me yet, (D),(A)

(D)There's nothin' that I(D/C#)would not do,

(D/C)go to the ends of the(G/B)earth for you,

(Gm)I'd make you happy, make your(D)dreams come true (D/B),

(E7)to make you(A)feel my love.

(D) (D/C#) (C/G) (E7) (A) (D)

Tabbed By: James Tolene
These are corrections and additions to Carl Cressmans submission

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