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Garth Brooks - Change, The

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The Change by Garth Brooks 

I saw that someone wanted this one so here is my best shot at it...

    Dm7        F/Eb      Eb  Bb                   F/A                    Eb
1. One hand reaches out and pulls a lost soul from harm, 
    F          F/G           Gm        Ebmaj9
    while a thousand more go unspoken for.
                         Bb                                      Ab
    And they say what good have you done by saving just this one?
               Fsus                  F           Fsus            F
    it's like whispering a prayer in the fury of a storm.
                                 Ebmaj9                  Bb
    C. And I hear them saying, You'll never change things,
                   F7                                       Eb/Bb    Bb
        and no matter what you do, it still the same thing.
                              Ebmaj9            Gm  Eb
        But it's not the world that I am changing,
          Bb                  Eb/F           F7                     Eb/Bb
  Bb       Eb/Bb    Bb
        I do this so this world will know that it will not change me.

2.  This heart still believes that love and mercy still exist.
     While all the hatreds rage and so many say
     that love is all but pointless in madness such as this
     it's like trying to stop a fire with the moisture from a kiss
(repeat C)

     As long as one heart still holds on
     Gm7                                     Bb/F    F
     then hope is never really gone.
        Bb                    Ebmaj9                 Bb
        And I hear them saying you'll never change things
                   F7                                        Eb/Bb  Bb
        and no matter what you do it's still the same thing
                              Ebmaj9           Gm  Eb
        but it's not the world that I am changing.
          Bb                 Eb/F          F7          Gm                 Eb
        I do this so the world we know never changes me.
                   Bb               Eb/F           F7
                   Eb/Bb    Bb Eb(9)  Gm  Eb(9)
        What I do is so this world will know that it will not change me.

Dm7       XX0211
F/Eb      XX1211
Eb        XX1343
Bb        X13331
F/A       X03211
Eb/F      XX3343
F         XX3211
F/G       3X3211
Ebmaj9    X6576X
Ab        466544
Fsus      133311
F7        131211
Eb/Bb     X1X343
Gm7       343333

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