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Tracy Lawrence - From Here To Kingdom Come

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"From Here to Kingdom Come"
By Tracy Lawrence from the album "Lessons Learned"
Written by J.D. Souther
Transcribed by Jennifer and Jason Hannan
Capo 1

Intro:  Em G Em | Em G | Em G Em G

You can [G]move to another town
Take everything I ever [Em]gave you
[G]Call when youíre feeling down
Tell me everything I never [Em]listened to
[C]What a sad affair[Am]
[C]Iím here and youíre [Am]way out [D]there

Now your [G]friends say you did the right thing 
You were never meant to [Em]be a wife
And their [G]expert opinions may bring 
You to making up your [Em]mind for life
[C]What a tragic [Am]night
[C]Truth ainít always such a [Am]blinding [D]light


I can [C]love you from [Am]here to [G]Texas
I can [C]find you in [Am]Tennessee[G]
You can [C]run from [Am]here to [G]kingdom [Em]come
But you [C]canít run a[D]way from [G]me  

Repeat intro

3rd verse: same chords as first

You can stand by your innocent line
And pretend that things are better now
But thereís a flaw in your perfect design
Youíd fix it but you donít know how
Baby I can drive
I can keep it on the road as long as Iím alive

Repeat Chorus

I can [C]find you in [Am]Cali[G]fornia
Or [C]anyplace that [Am]you might [G]be 
You can [C]run from [Am]here to [G]kingdom [Em]come
But you [C]canít run a[D]way from me

Repeat intro

Instrumental: Same as verse

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